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The first impression counts.

The first thing your guests see of your hotel are the photos of your hotel rooms - on your website, in brochures, or on Google. There is no second chance for a first impression. So it is essential that the photos of your hotel are as professional and high-quality as possible.

Good photos arouse emotions, so your guests will want to go on holiday in exactly THIS ❤ hotel room as soon as they see it.

High-quality photos also convey that you are a dedicated hotel. They indicate good service and cleanliness - precisely what guests want for a carefree stay.

But you probably already know all this, otherwise, you wouldn't be looking for a hotel photographer to have your hotel rooms photographed (:

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Many promise you perfect hotel photography. But what makes a good photo and why should you choose me?

My photographic technique is indeed a specialized rarity. While most hotel photographers work with HDR shots, i.e. superimpose different exposures, I work – to put it simply – with flash to photograph your hotel room.

Photography translates to „light painting“ and that’s exactly what I do.

This is a bit more complex (although it’s routine for me now), but it ensures even more perfect results.

And it gives me full control over how the light.

For example, I can let the light fall gently over the bed and emphasize contours. This interplay of light and shadow makes the photos of your hotel room look much more vivid, lively and of high quality.

Not only can I illuminate your hotel room perfectly – colors are also reproduced cleanly. And above all, overexposed window fronts are avoided. Perfect for conveying the beautiful view of your hotel to the outside.

Of course, good hotel photography is characterized by more than just the light. There are many details when arranging the room that are quite different for a photo than when the room is prepared for the guests. I like to see it as part of my service to work closely with you, the hotelier, to discuss these finer points.

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Photos of your hotel - also from the sky!

I am not only a hotel photographer, but also a drone pilot. I would be happy to photograph your hotel not only "from the ground", but also from the air.

Drone photos are the perfect addition to your hotel when it comes to conveying the ambiance and views to your guests.

Hotel photography with a good weather guarantee.

A particularly important factor for perfect hotel photography is the weather. In the end, sunshine conveys a much more positive mood and emotions than a gray sky.

No matter how hard you try; unfortunately we can't always guarantee nice weather. And sometimes there is unfortunately no way to create the pictures on another date.

If push comes to shove, I'm happy to conjure up a blue sky in your photos in post-processing. And by working with flash I can even imitate the sunshine.

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360° Photos & Virtual Tours Hotels

As a hotel photographer, I also create 360° photos and virtual tours of your hotel room for you!

360° photos allow your guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your hotel and look forward to their stay in advance.




In order to create the best possible photos of your hotel in every situation, I use a rare, highly specialized photo technique.


In addition to the actual image processing, I pay attention to many details such as: replacing the sky, adding a fireplace, removing cables.


In addition to "classic" photography, I would also be happy to create aerial photographs, 360° images and video tours for you.



How much does it cost to hire me as a hotel photographer? You’ve probably already guessed: It depends…

It depends on the effort and the size of your hotel. After all, some hotels tend to have fewer rooms, and others have quite a lot, plus a wellness area, restaurant, etc. In some hotels, each room is individual and in others, you only need to photograph 3-4 rooms as example.

I would be happy to make you either an all-inclusive offer for a shooting, or flexible prices per picture, where you only pay for the hotel photos that you actually take.


Do 1% Good.

By placing an order with me, you are even doing good things at the same time. I have decided to donate 1% of my net profits to Atmosfair at the end of each year. This organization invests internationally in climate protection projects. It uses funds in a targeted manner where they will have the greatest possible impact. You can find more information at

Portrait Tobias Mittmann Bremen

About me

Hi, I'm Mr. Mittmann - but "you can say 'you' to me".

I'm actually a passionate communication designer from Bremen, Germany, but my focus has always been more on photography. Since I'm also a fan of interior design, the photography of hotels fits together very well for me.

I find it particularly exciting that every hotel and every room is different - and always presents you with new challenges.

Hotel Photographer in your area

Are you looking for someone to have your hotel room photographed, are you interested in working together and are now wondering „where“ am I even traveling?

Since I’m from Bremen myself, my „core area“ is more or less northern Germany. Be it Friesland, Oldenburg, Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven.

But, of course, I am mobile and can literally go wherever you want. All of Lower Saxony, Hamburg, the Harz Mountains, the Alps, Mallorca, Netherlands, Norway – no matter where, I look forward to seeing you (:

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Tobias Mittmann



    If you look at the photos of various hotels and hotel rooms, then there are a surprising number of pictures that appear solid at first glance, but on closer inspection have some flaws. I would like to briefly list a few of these mistakes in hotel photography.

    Of course, when you hire me to photograph your hotel rooms, these are all things that I believe I can do better as a professional hotel photographer 🙂

    Falling Lines

    Hotel photography is also architectural photography in the broadest sense. And in architecture, as a rule, one tries to avoid the so-called converging lines. This means that as a hotel photographer, you make sure that the camera is level like a spirit level. As a result, all vertical lines in the image run parallel to the edge of the image. The photos look neater and more professional.

    Photo: Naim Benjelloun

    False Colors

    One difficulty with photographing hotel rooms is that you are dealing with many different light sources. There is, for example, the daylight that shines through the window. Different lamps, but also the sunlight reflected from colored surfaces.

    All of this means that the colors of the hotel room in the photos are not faithfully reproduced. Some of the rooms seem really „dingy“.

    Photo: Pixabay

    Unattractive HDR effect

    An extreme version of „false colors“ can result from HDR recordings. With this recording technique, which some hotel photographers use, you create several differently exposed photos of a hotel room and superimpose them on the computer. In theory, you want to adjust extreme light situations (bright window, dark room).

    In most cases, this results in wild gradients between light sources and exaggerated detail.

    This is dramatic, but not relaxing or harmonious as one would expect from a hotel room.

    Photo: Jean van der Meulen

    Too much ceiling

    When it comes to photos of rooms, many hotel photographers feel they should use the widest-angle lens they can get their hands on. After all, you want to capture as much of the limited space as possible.

    The problem with this is that with the wrong lens you also capture far too much ceiling. It then often takes up more than 1/3 of the picture. Do you want to show THIS from your hotel rooms?

    Das Problem dabei ist, dass man mit dem falschen Objektiv auch viel zu viel Decke einfängt. Sie nimmt dann oft über 1/3 des Bildes ein. Wollen Sie DAS von Ihren Hotelzimmern zeigen?

    Photo: Max Vakhtbovych

    Bed wrongly prepared

    The blankets in hotel rooms are often placed on the bed as a „roll“. That’s also ok for day-to-day operations – it’s just not optimal if you have your hotel room photographed.

    In the pictures you often look sideways at the mattress and at a rather empty-looking bed. The bed should look comfortable and inviting on good hotel photos.

    Photo: Engin Akyurt

    Tobias Mittmann, Stehnckenshoff 2, 28717 Bremen     |     Rufen Sie mich an: +49 (0) 160 – 795 77 52     |     E-Mail:

    Tobias Mittmann, Stehnckenshoff 2, 28717 Bremen
    +49 (0) 160 – 795 77 52

    Tobias Mittmann
    Stehnckenshoff 2
    28717 Bremen

    +49 (0) 160 – 795 77 52